Supertech Fable Castle Payment Plan

S. No. Particulars Percentage
1. At the time of Booking 10%
2. Within 30 days from booking 85%
3. On offer of Possession 05%

[B] Flexi Payment Plan

S. No. Particulars Percentage
1. At the time of booking 10%
2. Within 60 days from booking 40%
3. On Start of foundation 09%
4. On Start of basement roof slab 09%
5. On Start of second floor roof slab 09%
6. On Start of six floor roof slab 09%
7. On Start of twelve floor roof slab 09%
8. On Start of possession floor roof slab 05%

[C] Construction Linked Payment Plan

S. No. Particulars Percentage
1. At the time of booking 10%
2. Within 30 days from booking 10%
3. Within 60 days from booking 10%
4. On start of foundation work 10%
5. On start of basement roof slab 07%
6. On start of second floor roof slab 07%
7. On start of fifth floor roof slab 07%
8. On start of eighth floor roof slab 07%
9. On start of twelfth floor roof slab 06%
10. On start of fourteen floor roof slab 06%
11. On start of sixteen floor roof slab 05%
12. On start of eighteen floor roof slab 05%
13. On start of ninetieth floor roof slab 05%
14. On offer of possession 05%

Terms and Conditions

  • Unit allotment on first come first serve basis
  • Cheques/Bank Draft to be issued in favour of SUPERTECH TOWNSHIP PROJECT LIMITED Payable at New Delhi. Out station cheques shall not be accepted.
  • Price list as on date of booking shall be applicable.
  • Registration, Stamp Duty and Misl. charges shall be payable at the time of offer of possession.
  • Timely payments of the installments are the essence of Booking
  • PLCs and Other Charges shall be charged along with installments.
  • Service Tax, VAT & Other Govt. Levies are extra as applicable.
  • This Price List supersedes all previous Price Lists
  • Maintenance Charges, Meter connection Charges are extra and shall be collected before Possession.
  • Super area includes the covered area, plus the proportionate area under common corridor, passage, staircase, mumties, projections, water tanks, lift wells etc.
  • The terms and conditions of sale stated herein are indicative and are subject to detailed terms and conditions in the Agreement to Sell/Flay Buyer Agreement and subject to change at sole discretion of the company.
  • All buildings plans, layouts, specifications are subject to change and modifications as decided by the company, architect or any competent authority.

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